Opening Address by Pragna Patel: “The most dangerous and deadly illusion…is to underestimate fundamentalism” – (Salah Chouaki)

Maryam Namazie’s Tribute to Charlie Hebdo and the many Charlies world-wide

Sharia Law in State, Law and Education Panel

Chair: Peter Tatchell
Panellists: Aliyah Saleem (“Faith schools in Britain: music is out, compulsory headscarves and CCTV cameras are in”), Chris Moos (“Lessons of Denial and Neglect: New Evidence on Gender Segregation in UK Universities”), Pragna Patel (“Accommodating Religious Codes in the Law: A Case of Moral Blindness”), Rumana Hashem (“Fighting Religion or Fighting Gendered Violence? A Muslim Girl and Sharia in a Secular State”), Yasmin Rehman (“Sometimes it’s hard to be a Muslim”)

Pragna Patel

Chris Moos

Aliyah Saleem

Rumana Hashem

Yasmin Rehman

Q&A Session

Comedian Kate Smurthwaite

Gita Sahgal: “The Power of the Pen: Defending Comic Liberty”

Julius Wiedemann: “Poster Competition against Hate”

Apostasy, Free Expression and Hate Speech Panel

Chair: Terry Sanderson
Panellists: Amal Farah (“Somali Attitudes to Apostasy”), Imad Iddine Habib (“Blasphemy and Apostasy in Morocco”), Magdulien Abaida (“”Murtad under Islamic Sharia”), Nahla Mahmoud (“The Rise of Islamic Hate Speech and Apostasy Culture in the UK”), Ramin Forghani (“Defending Secularism and its importance for Apostates”)

Terry Sanderson

Amal Farah

Magdulien Abaida

Imad Iddine Habib

Ramin Forghani

Nahla Mahmoud

Q&A of Panel

Closing by Maryam Namazie: “Fighting on Multiple Fronts”